Why It’s Harder to Be An Engineer in San Francisco

Conceptual 3d abstract illustration.
Conceptual 3d abstract illustration.

Hired, the San Francisco-based employment platform, has produced a short new report about engineering salaries that examines how they stack up in the Bay Area versus the rest of the country after the cost of living is factored in.

San Francisco, an increasingly expensive city in which to live, pays software engineers an average of $132,000 per year, for example. That may seem like a pretty healthy salary to the rest of the country, but using a standardized cost-of-living calculator, Hired reports that an engineer in Austin would need to make $195,000 in San Francisco to maintain the same quality of life.

In fact, it concludes that an engineer’s salary goes further in every city, with the exception of New York.

Here’s what software engineers are being paid yearly (on average) in other parts of the U.S., and what they’d need to make to live as they do in San Francisco.

In Seattle: $125,000.

Would need to make in SF: $164,000.

In L.A.: $122,000.

Would need to make in SF: $152,000.

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