Don’t Mess with Musk

Elon MuskYesterday, longtime Bay Area venture capitalist Stewart Alsop posted something fairly unexpected to Medium.

In a letter to Tesla CEO Elon Musk titled “Banned by Tesla,” Alsop wrote of his surprise that Tesla would cancel the Model X he’d ordered and that Alsop has been eagerly awaiting. (Alsop says in the post it was to be red, with black leather seats and Tesla’s Ludicrous Speed option.)

It was no clerical or accounting error. Alsop says that after complaining — also on Medium — about what he viewed as the Model X’s poorly orchestrated launch event back in September (Alsop titled that one, “@ElonMusk, You should be ashamed of yourself”), Musk personally got involved in his order.

Specifically, says Alsop, he canceled it.

We reached out to both Alsop and Tesla yesterday to find out more about the incident, which we gather is unprecedented, but have yet to hear back from either.

What we do know, from Alsop’s post, is that the two talked on the phone at some point, at which point Musk told Alsop that he was not comfortable with him owning a Tesla after having been flamed by Alsop publicly.

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