• On “60 Minutes,” Tim Cook Bats Away Car Talk, Criticisms of Tax Picture, Low-Wage Workers

    TIm CookLast night, “60 Minutes” aired a segment on Apple, in which interviewer Charlie Rose talked with CEO Tim Cook about running a modern-day tech giant and the challenges the company faces daily, from a world filled with terrorists to criticisms that its manufacturing operations in China have everything to do with low-wage workers.

    Unfortunately, Rose didn’t get much new out of Cook, including about Apple’s rumored car-building operation.

    Cook wouldn’t apologize for the fact that Apple is keeping $74 billion in revenue offshore, either. Two-thirds of Apple’s business is overseas, Cook noted, adding that he doesn’t plan to pay “40 percent [of that sum in taxes] to bring it home . . . I don’t think that’s a reasonable thing to do.”

    One thing Cook did confirm for Rose: Apple’s new headquarters will cost a whopping $5 billion, give or take, to build.

    The news magazine sent us the script last night; here it is in its entirety.

    More here.

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